Going green and promoting healthy pet care go hand in hand at The Green K9. We believe that owning a pet is a privilege not a right, and our pets depend on us to make healthy choices for them.  We sell only the healthiest and highest quality pet products and foods and we set the highest standards possible for pet care services.

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Our mission is to set the standard for quality pet care services…

  • Our spacious pet suites and playrooms are the largest in Lake County!
  • 4 grass play yards totaling 3/4 of an acre allows our guests to stretch and run.
  • Large indoor playrooms are supervised at all times.
  • Our boarding rates include ALL DAY PLAY in our day care program.
  • Outside outings are every hour.
  • 24 hour staff on site enables late and early outings for our overnight guests, avoiding accidents in their suites.
  • Immaculately clean and safe facility.
  • Personalized care made possible with the highest staff to pet ratio.
  • Community sleepovers with other guests in playrooms available for high anxiety guests. Only offered for small dogs.
  • Select special needs and high anxiety dogs can sleep with the owner at night.
  • 15 years of experience caring for customers’ pets.


We are very proud of our facility, so please come in for a tour to see what quality pet care is all about.

Tour hours:  

Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Saturday and Sunday 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

(Tours are not given during feeding times to avoid disrupting our guests).  We utilize all of our hallways to move the playgroups to and from our play areas EVERY HOUR.  Therefore, there may be a wait for a tour during our outing times.  Please be patient if you happen to come during one of these times.  

For your convenience we have an ipad in our lobby, so we can assist you when registering your dog on our website. 


The Mary Ann’s, In-house Therapy Dogs at Osprey Lodge Assisted Living, enjoying a day out at The Green K9.