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Nancy Greve

I just found out about Green K9 and was so impressed by their facility and staff. I have been viewing their webcam today and pleased with the individual attention and care the dogs get. We have never felt very comfortable about boarding our "kids" but are now looking forward to their first visit there. Hopefully, they will have a cancellation for this weekend. We will also be bringing them in for grooming soon.

Maggie Mae, the poodle

My parents are going out of town and, like always, I stay at the Green K9. I love it here, it's like my second home and I love all my little friends who stay here too. The staff is so nice to me and I go home all relaxed and happy. Marnie is tops, I love to cuddle with her. Well anyway, you get the idea, Green K9 is the best in my book. "Sloppy kisses" from Maggie Mae

Tony Spear

AMAZING!!! Highly Recommend!!! We had a lot of difficulties finding a groomer for our 90+ lb Golden Retriever & several negative experiences at other providers. Then we thankfully found the Green K9! The staff are professional, happy, friendly & you can tell just how much they love animals & their jobs. Green K9 offers everything under one roof (Boarding, Day Care, Grooming, Store with food, supplies & gifts). Plus they have a wonderful facility & property with indoor & outdoor areas. Our dog left looking great & feeling great! He had a pep in his step. Typically when he has these types of services he comes back to us like a hostage just wanting to get free. We're done looking for providers. We will be customers as long as the Green K9 will have us! I will not take my service dog anywhere else!

Kathy Oliver

Last year we had to board Maxi for the first time. We had to be away for 19 days. He loved it! We now board Maxi whenever we go out of town. When we start to turn in to Green K9, he is so excited! He cannot wait to get inside. He also goes for grooming and daycare. We love everyone there! They are the best!


I have a 12 year old rat terrier that hates anything to do with dog grooming . I brought Bindy in to have her nails trimmed and she made a mess I'll leave it to your imagination. I was very embarrassed. Marni cleaned it all up and made me feel at ease. She did the best job trimming Bindy that she has ever had. The store is emaculate it's cleaner than most restaurants I've been in. I will never go to any other grooming shop again! Congratulations on the National Award you guys won. It was much deserved.

Judi Erickson

Can't say enough good things about Green k9. The other reviews have it covered. I only wish we lived in Mount Dora so our fur baby could be a regular visitor to a place where he had such fun.

Daniel Cleaver

The Green K9 is a one stop shop for your pet. Their selection of high quality dog/ cat food and accessories is far superior to that of the large chains. The helpful staff is kind and knowledgeable - always eager to meet customers needs. I'll never go back to the big pet stores. The Green K9 is a winner in my book.

John B.

While snow birding in Mt. Dora early 2017, we had occasion for our two rough collies to spend a couple of weekends with Green K9.  Being nervous parents we were apprehensive about our babies spending extended time in a new environment.  However, the individual care, daily grooming and dog/individual interaction by staff quickly put our mind at ease. We were thrilled when our dogs eagerly returned to Green K9 for another overnight. In addition, the grooming was unlike any they had experienced before and the entire family was delighted with the results. We were so delighted with the grooming and total experience we cannot wait to return in 2018.

Matthew Lord

We have a wonderful but crazy girl full of energy. She's a Cattle Dog mix and loves to run and play and Green k-9 gives her the opportunity. We love that place and so does she.

Betty Lee

I have used another Lake County spa and although felt "ok" about the facility it has gone down hill. I toured Green K-9 and tried them today. ONLY place my dog will be going from this day forward for day care or boarding. Can't even tell you how different the two facilities are - go see for yourself. My dog was not stressed, coughing and hoarse from barking or stinky! Green K-9 is THE BEST

Sarah Bostic

The Green K9 is amazing! After the terrible experience my pups had at Petsmart in Leesburg I never thought I could take them to a groomer again. I was nervous at first, but they loved it! They were smiling when I picked them up and I love that everyone called them "kids!" We are definitely life long customers.

Robbie Posner

We are very fussy about who takes care of our dogs. The first day we arrived, as they opened, we met a few other pet owners who were waiting for the doors to open. Each and every one told us how pleased they were with the Green K9, so we were immediately relieved. As it turned out, our dogs loved their day care and they were there 2 days in a row. We were extremely pleased with how the place looks and operates, and the staff was exceptionally friendly. We especially appreciated that they examined our dogs for fleas upon arrival. Our dogs were actually anxious to return on the second day. They have a well stocked store, from leashes to treats to food, and everything was clean and organized. We will not hesitate to use their daycare services when we return to the area.

Faith Kittredge Dwyer

WOW!!!! I am over-the-top impressed with this facility. I became disgusted with a prior facility in Leesburg after finding my dog ALONE in a room, being ignored as he paced and howled due to separation anxiety they were well aware of. At Green K-9 that will NEVER be the case. A staff member is WITH the dogs in their respectful playrooms at ALL times. And I love that they really DO go outside every hour instead of it just being an empty sales pitch. I finally have a place where I can feel good about leaving my dog to be boarded when the occasion arises and not be worried sick about him. Praises to Marni Lewis and her entire staff of dog lovers. You guys ROCK!


I have bringing Jazz to Green K9 for almost 2-3yrs and I LOVE them and so does Jazz. The staff is wonderful and they really care about the dogs and gets to know them. Jazz gets so excited about going from the time we pull unto Lake Center Drive she knows. When she goes through the door wags her entire body and is ready to go. I have peace of mind when I have to board her or even just for day care. With the K9 cam it makes the already wonderful experience better! Whenever we pick her up we can always say she has been K-9'd! Thanks everyone!

Nicole Brouhard

Our little girl is full of energy to say it mildly! The Green K9 is always so patient with her and takes such good care of her. I have used them three times and will be using them for our upcoming trip. I love knowing she is in good hands. Thanks Green K9!!!


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