suiteOur Pet Suites, Playrooms, and Outdoor Yards are the largest you will find in Lake County!

A positive K9 guest experience is directly related to comfort, health, exercise and socialization with other dogs and humans. Our Pet Care Coordinators assure that all guests enjoy their stay with outings every hour in our spacious grass yards and indoor play time in large playrooms.  Toys, wading pools, playhouses and new friends provided at no charge!

We treat our K9 guests as if they were our own. With only 35 boarding spaces available, we can guarantee personalized attention.



We keep it simple with all inclusive rates and two suite sizes.

Small sized guests with separation anxiety or special needs may prefer to sleep with other guests in our playrooms. These community sleepovers are offered at no additional charge with owner permission.  It is our goal for all of our guests to get a good quiet night sleep.

For the safety of all of our guests, all dogs who participate in group play are required to wear a harness.  You can bring one from home, purchase one from us or rent one for $2.00 per day.

We highly recommend a day care trial to all of our customers. We offer a free 2 hour trial day care visit, so your dog can become familiar with us, our routine and their suite prior to boarding.  Trials are only required for non-neutered males.

*All prices are per night and per dog.

*25% off each additional dog staying in the same suite.

5 x 9 - accommodates up to two dogs under 40 lbs.
$ 36.00
6 x 10 - accommodates up to two dogs
over 40 lbs., one giant breed or multiple small dogs.
$ 40.00
$ 45.00


Daily group play in our day care program.  Dogs not suitable for group play receive private off leash outings with our staff every hour.

Outings every hour of the day. Our first outing is 5 am and last outing is 10:00 pm. The amount of time outside is based on the temperature outside.

Up to 3 daily feedings. Customers must bring their own dogs’ food. Changing a dog’s diet suddenly can cause stomach upset or unwillingness to eat.  Ask about our healthy food additives to encourage picky eaters, such as chicken broth, chicken and rice and freeze dried food toppers. We can accommodate raw diets and food that needs to be frozen or heated up.

One medication is included.  Additional medications are $1.00 per administration or application.

Daily brushings and a daily full body inspection.

Hugs, kisses and individual attention.


After 2:00 pm check out rate: $15.00.  This is a discounted day care rate per dog.  

Similar to a human hotel, the boarding rate begins at 6:00 pm and ends at 2:00 pm the next day. This means you can check in your dog anytime between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm at no additional charge.

Additional dogs are 25% off or $11.25.

Harness Rental:  $4.00 per day. We encourage you purchase your dog’s own harness. For your convenience, we stock many harness options in our store. 

Required check-out bath when boarding:  7 nights or longer.  Please see our bath rates on our grooming page.

Dry meals must be pre-packed in ziploc bags or individual containers for stays under 10 days. Non-pre-packed food will be $1.00 per feeding. It is not required to pre-pack meals for stays of 10 days or longer. 

You are welcome to request a bath for stays under 7 nights.  We recommend a bath for all of our guests, especially those who wrestle in day care and may be slobbered on by other guests.  We do have white sand in our yards and many dogs like to roll in it.

The bathing and drying process allows us to conduct a detailed inspection of your dog. This process insures that our guests leave our facility in better condition than when they checked in. Many times, we can alert customers to pre-existing issues they may not be aware of.  It is our guarantee that your dog is leaving our facility flea and tick free.

$4.00 per day
$1.00 per day
$1.00 per day
$1.00 per feeding
$1.00 per administration


Our suites are fully indoors and air conditioned.

All suites have tempered glass doors, so our guests will not feel isolated.

A late outing between 9:30 and 10:30 pm and an early outing between 5:00 am – 7:00 am prevents indoor accidents.  Guests are able to relieve themselves similar to their normal schedule at home.

During the day, our guests can relieve themselves outside every hour of the day.

Waterproof vinyl flooring throughout the facility provides comfort as opposed to hard, porous concrete floors.

Raised Kuranda beds and soft micro-fiber blankets are provided.

Multiple dog families and giant breeds fit comfortably in our Grand Retreat or in our playrooms.


Our overnight guests are only in their suites to eat and sleep.

Four indoor and three outdoor play areas allow for roomy and continuous exercise for all play groups.

Our guests are brushed and inspected daily from head to paw.

With our strict incoming pet inspection policy and monthly pest control program, we can guarantee your pet will check out facility flea and tick free.  Our goal is for our guests to leave our facility feeling and looking better than when they arrived.

Our outdoor yards are continuously scooped during every outing and indoor areas are continuously cleaned throughout the day.

Suites are disinfected daily, so after a busy day of play our guests return to a clean suite with a fresh blanket.

We do not believe that a loud facility is healthy for dogs.  Excessive barking creates stress for the dog barking and other dogs around them.  We assure that any dog who is unhappy in their suite is moved to another area where they will be content and quiet.


Our facility is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Security cameras and overnight alarm system.

Harnesses are required to assure the staff can separate dogs quickly if they are playing too rough or if a disagreement occurs between dogs.

All flooring in the common areas and suites are non-slip.

Aggressive or unpredictable dogs are not permitted in the day care group.

Play groups are organized by size and energy level.

 Day care groups are always supervised by a staff member.

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