Day Care

Is your dog home alone all day, bursting with energy, confined to a crate, destroying your house, barking non-stop, bored or lonely? Day care provides relief for dogs and peace of mind for their owners. Dogs need exercise, socialization, and the ability to relieve themselves without waiting for many uncomfortable hours. Dog Parks may provide space to exercise and socialize, but the down side is there is no screening for vaccinations, worms, flea and tick prevention, pet waste removal or temperament testing of dogs.

There are many other reasons why dog owners utilize dog day care, such as: a day trip with out of town guests, shopping, running errands, showing a house for sale or contractors working in the house. Why cut your plans short to rush home to let the dog out? Day care at The Green K9 is the solution!

Day Care is a place where new friendships blossom:

  • Dogs are grouped by size, age and energy level. Groups available are: extra small (under 10 lbs.), small, high energy medium, low energy large, and high energy large dog.Dogs are grouped by size, age and energy level. Groups available are: extra small (under 10 lbs.), small, high energy medium, low energy large, and high energy large dog.
  • Outdoor Outings are every hour. The length of time outside depends on the weather.
  • Group play is always supervised.
  • We DO NOT put dogs away for a mandatory nap time.  All day play means just that.  Our guests can rest on their own when inside the playrooms every hour.
  • Our indoor playrooms and 3/4 acre yard area provides plenty of room to run.
  • Our waterproof, non-skid playroom flooring is sanitary and comfortable to wrestle on and lay on.
  • Outdoor shade, wading pools and an indoor air conditioned play room allow for safe and comfortable exercise time on hot days. In the winter time, our guests are able to enjoy the outdoors most of the day.
  • Comfortable, raised Kuranda cots are provided for rest time.
  • Our facility and outdoor area is professionally exterminated monthly for the prevention of fleas and ticks.


We provide a free day care trial up to 2 hours. Trials are highly recommended prior to a boarding reservation.   

Day care hours are Monday thru Friday 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, and Saturday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

No day care on Sundays, except for boarding dogs.

No LARGE dog day care on Wednesdays, except for boarding dogs. 

Daily group play in our day care program is included with overnight stays. Dogs not suitable for group play are provided hourly individual outings.

  • All day care guests must be current on vaccinations and a yearly negative fecal test. See our policies page for specific requirements.
  • Dogs found to have fleas will require a Capstar. Dogs found to have ticks must be removed from our facility.  We reserve the right to refuse any dog with fleas or ticks.
  • All day care guests must be current on a flea and hookworm preventative.


Half day: up to 5 hours$16.00
Full day: 5 or more hours$22.00
10 visit package$210.00 ( $21.00 per day)
20 visit package$400.00 ( $20.00 per day)
30 visit package$570.00 ( $19.00 per day)
Initial temperament interview2 hours
No Charge